[세상만사] 손발 다 써가며 죽자사자 싸우는 캥거루 두 마리

실시간 주요뉴스

-호주 빅토리아주 엘핀스톤 (2021. 10. 1)


-권투 시합인 줄 알았는데


-이 자세는


-점점 격렬해지는 두 선수


-다음 대결은


-구성 방병삼




## storyline

Nullah and Dobby are two kangaroos being looked after in a wildlife centre in Australia dedicated to help animals in need before they are released back to the wild.

Kangaroos make up a big number of animals at the Red Box Wildlife Centre in Victoria, Australia.

On October 1, Nullah and Dobby were filmed playing at the shelter's massive grounds.

Video clip of the pair kicking and fighting was posted on social media and attracted a huge number of views.

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